Listen, Learn, Explore

Listen, Learn, Explore

We are always looking for educational programs that can help our community work together to change the culture of aging. In our search, we discovered that Pioneer Network has joined the podcast community with their new learning podcast, Listen, Learn, Explore.

“Each program will begin with a short podcast featuring experts in person-directed care and culture change. Perfect for listening on the commute home or in that occasional spare ‘minute’ you get. The podcast will be followed by an opportunity to join with the speaker in a virtual ‘learning circle style’ interactive program, exploring the topic more deeply, and engaging in a ‘take away activity’ to help you move forward, putting learning into action.”

Previous episode topics include:

-A Conversation of Innovating for Today and Tomorrow

-The Importance of Family Collaboration for Quality Dementia Care

-Making the Most of the Holidays by Setting Shared Goals

-Creating a Volun-Cheer Workforce

You can listen to this podcast on Anchor, Breaker, RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. To learn more about this podcast, click here.


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