Public Resources

Our resource page offers information and tools for long term care staff and community leaders that will help improve the lives of residents, increase staff satisfaction and create meaningful and deeper relationships between caregivers and residents. Check back often for new content!

Conference Resources

  • Fall 2022 Agenda & Program
  • History of the Movement: Why Culture Change?
  • Reducing Caregiver Stress and Compassion Fatigue: How to Build Resilience
  • Understanding and Leveraging Company Culture - Post Pandemic
  • HHS Resource Sheet
  • The Why and How - Person Centered Care Culture Worksheet
  • Live WHOLE
  • Navigating a Workforce Through Change
  • The Power of Language to Create Culture Change by Carmen Bowman
  • Culture Change is Still the Answer by Carmen Bowman
  • Catching Some ZZZ's by Linda Shell
  • Positive Impacts on Quality Measures
  • Creating Collages with Elders by Sue Wilson
  • A Bookshelf Model of Memory Storage
  • 10 Tips for Engaging Family Members by Sue Wilson
  • Things We Need to Remember
  • A Positive Physical Approach
  • Dementia Action Alliance Resources
  • Action Plans: Moving Forward with Cultivating Your Culture
  • Compassionate Touch by Sue S. Wilson
  • Creativity with Culture Change in Smaller Markets by Loree Tamayo
  • Dementia Screening and Management Practices by Jane Nunnelee
  • In the Moment by Karen Stobbe
  • Person Centered Lifestyle Assessment by Natalie Davis
  • The Evolution of Life Enrichment by Natalie Davis
  • Using Creativity & Improvisation to Improve the Lives of Our Residents by Karen Stobbe
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention by Jennifer Carrillo
  • Brain Health Evidence: Successes of Communities Who Embraced Culture Change by Kim Butrum
  • Providing a Pathway to Personal Well-Being in a Caregivers Time Deficient Day by Sara Kyle
  • Disruptive Vocalizations
  • Algorithm for Challenging Behavior by Tam Cummings
  • Dementia Behavioral Assessment Tool by Tam Cummings
  • Leadership in a Care Community: Elevating the Art by Nancy Fox, NFA
  • Leading While Speaking by Michelle Daniel, MHA
  • Leading the Journey from Activities to Life Enrichment by Natalie Davis, MS, ACC
  • 7 Dumb Mistakes That Smart People Make by Danny Mack
  • Talking Elder Abuse
  • Staff Stability Tracking
  • A Toolkit for Family Caregivers
  • Person-Centered Care Video Series
  • Culture Change Matters- Video Resources from the Culture Change Network of Georgia
  • Pioneer Network Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0

“We did the best we could with what we knew. And when we knew better, we did better.”
~ Maya Angelou